This will be the first Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Plan for the Town of Bayfield. The Town has determined that a comprehensive Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Recreation Plan is essential for developing clear goals and objectives that will act as a guiding document for the Parks and Recreation and Planning Department. The Town of Bayfield recognizes that additional land and funds may be needed for existing operations as well as future parks, recreation facilities, open space, and trails development. This Plan will help prioritize these needs as well as help guide future land development and budgeting efforts.

The primary goal of this Park, Open Space, Trails and Recreation Plan is to be a long-range planning and implementation document to guide the future development of the parks, open space, recreation facilities, and trails system within the Town. With this Plan, Town leaders and staff will be able to administer resources and understand the community’s priorities when annexing property, acquiring park and open space parcels, creating new indoor and outdoor recreation amenities, new trails, preserving and improving existing indoor and outdoor facilities, and providing programs. This Plan will act as a roadmap to enable the Parks and Recreation Department to continue its mission to: “provide all citizens of Bayfield the opportunity to participate in a full range of quality recreational programs and enjoy well-maintained park facilities."


Methods & Deliverables

To create the Parks, Open Space, Trails & Recreation Plan, several phases of work by the Town consultant shall occur, including:

  • Evaluation, Research & Analysis...
    • of existing facilities and programs, as well as documentation of existing service needs and resources.
  • Community Needs Assessment...
    • comprising of community engagement workshops, events, surveys and stakeholder interviews.
  • Funding / Financing Needs Assessment...
    • including budget needs for parks, trails, recreation programs, and operations of facilities. Report should capture present and future operations and maintenance needs, as well as capital improvement construction needs. 
  • Draft Master Plan & Executive Summary Report
    • The Draft Plan w/Executive Summary Report will allow town staff, elected officials, advisory commissions and steering committees to review the recommendations made in the plan.
  • Comprehensive 10-Year (2017-2027) Parks, Open Space, Trails & Recreation Plan
    • Results and recommendations from each phase of analysis and development.
    • Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Action & Implementation Plan for Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation.
    • Financing Needs Assessment Plan for Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation, including identification of additional funding sources and/or strategies.